Welwyn holds many happy memories for me, as it was where I won my first ERYCS (Eastern Region Youth Circuit Series) race back in the Summer.
It was a dreary day, with torrential rain in my sister’s U12 race, but fortunately the clouds cleared up a little for my race. Due to the rain, the grassy and slippy course turned into the first ‘muddy’ race of the season for us (still wasn’t that muddy).
I started off well and led my category straight away, but I focused on trying to catch some of the U16 girls who were ahead. I was getting much closer to one of them until I overshot a corner and bent my handlebar inwards, forcing me to be more cautious on the descents and corners.
Eventually, I finished 1st U14 girl, 3rd U16 girl and probably the muddiest in the entire field! I really enjoyed this race as the thrill of chasing combined with the mud really left me buzzing afterwards, and my winning streak in Welwyn continued.
Things to work on: 1. Push that little bit harder to advance in the U16 age group. 2. Keep focused on the course even if you’re chasing someone.
Watch a video I made of the racing day here.

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