It felt particularly special coming to Abergavenny for the second round of National Trophy today, as a lot of my family lives there or around the area.
I was less nervous than Derby and was able to focus more on doing well in my category instead of just hoping not to be last. I was gridded on the front row to my delight, and I got a good start despite being on the outside for the first corner.
Soon, I settled into a group made up of 6th, 7th and 8th place, which I was happy with because I was looking to better my previous 7th place. However, the pressure must have got to me a bit because I stumbled on the hurdles and my chain came off. Panicking slightly, I fumbled and slipped down to 13th place. 3rd last.
Not about to give up though, I put the power in and overtook four girls within the last two laps, until I was beaten in a sprint with a girl I had overtaken on the more technical parts of the course.
Overall, I was a little disappointed with my 10th place but I’ve just got to move on and focus on the next National in Houghton-Le-Spring.
Goals for next time: 1. Don’t panic when fixing mechanicals. 2. Race everyone, regardless of their category.

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