Certainly one of the more leg-breaking races in the Eastern League today! The course was largely flat and grassy, and there were limited opportunities to put skills to the test.
This meant that there was no rest and it was pure hard work the entire race. Despite the lack of tricky corners, Grafham still included a set of hurdles, a few off-camber corners and the first sandy section of the series.
The race started off well, with me trying to gain places after not my best start. I could see a girl not far behind me but noticed she wasn’t riding the sandy sections, so I pushed extra hard there and managed to extend my lead even more.
I had sprained my wrist while training the previous day, but I ignored the progressive pain and carried on to finish 1st U14 girl and 3rd U16 girl, my seventh win in the League in my category.
Things to work on next time: 1. Analyse the course more carefully (you can bunny-hop some parts!). 2. Set higher goals.

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