The day after the first round of the Eastern Cross League came the second round, which turned out to be very different indeed. It was a hot, hot day and the grass was very hard packed, promising a fast race. I chose to ride with the grass tyres as there weren’t any sections which would require more grip, and this proved to be a good choice.

The course was fast but with quite a few obstacles, including three flights of stairs and two pairs of stiles to jump over. I set off nicely, with a good grid position from the previous race, and steadily overtook my rivals. I knew there were two U16 girls in front of me and I focused on trying to catch them.

Alas, as I was running up the staircase my chain fell of because I put my back wheel down too heavily. A lack of practise left me fumbling around with my chain for a couple of minutes, but I was soon riding again. I caught another girl who had overtaken me while I was struggling and continued to catch people right to the very end.

I finished an annoying four minutes down on the two U16 girls and first U14 girl, but overall I was pleased.

Things to do next time:

  1. Don’t put my bike down too heavily! Perhaps adjust the way I carry my bike.
  2. Get a better start, as this impeded me a lot.

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