Another race in Colchester today, and another win. It was the same venue as round 3, but a slightly different course.

On the grid I noticed a large dip about 5 metres from the start, and I knew it was going to be a messy start. Not to disappoint, there were at least two crashes as we set off – fortunately I managed to avoid both. However, I had fallen far back because of these and I worked on regaining my places as soon as possible. There were two U14 girls ahead of me but I kept them in my sights, and within half a lap I had slotted neatly behind the leading U14.

Unsure of how good she was as I hadn’t seen her at a race yet, I tailed her for most of the race, keeping everything in check. As we neared the penultimate lap I attacked on one of the hills and kept a good gap between me and the other girl until the finish, where I placed 1st U14 girl and 2nd U16 girl.

Goals for the next race: 1. Be more aggressive and don’t be afraid to attack early on. 2. Keep pushing right until the end.

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