Another dry race was promised as we arrived bright and early in Colchester on a Sunday morning. As I sighted the lap, which was mainly grassy with a few loose surface sections, I realised I should probably have brought the grass/gravel tyres, as the grass was quite hard packed.

Nevertheless, I simply put a bit more pressure into my tyres and it was okay. I was gridded quite far back but got an okay start, and I still had two U16 girls in my sights. As usual the start was pretty crazy and I very narrowly avoided a crash as the whistle went by riding over someone’s wheel.

I established a lead on the other U14 girls early on and settled into my own rhythm, picking off riders one by one. The course was fairly visible to other riders, and I could see the two girls in front as I rode around some corners, so I tried to push on and close the gap.

As the laps went by the gap didn’t seem to be closing, until I noticed one of the U16 girls running with her bike. Taking advantage of her mechanical I put a burst of speed in and closed the gap between us considerably.

The last part of the lap was a long sprint section and I sprinted with an U16 boy but unfortunately lost. I finished 30 seconds behind the U16 girl and remained first U14 girl, which I’m pretty proud of. Later, as I analysed my lap times I was also proud of myself for having paced very well, as my fastest lap was my last.

Aims for next time:

  1. Push even harder to catch the U16 girls as well.
  2. Stay confident on the corners and only dismount at the last moment.

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